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Louisville, KY, USA   2014

Louisville Children's Museum

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Honorable mention (4/211)
Louisville, KY, USA
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V.ladimir Andrejević | M.ilan Vujović | K.senija Pantović | R.enata Đurić | S.tefan Pavić

The tree house is part of the American dream. It would be difficult to imagine a child who has never dreamed of building one. The tree house is a symbol of freedom, individuality and growing-up. It is also a part of our childhood memories. Louisville Children's Museum is a modern building whose mission is to remind us of that memory. In our design, we sought to incorporate those dreams and associations through modern technology and architecture.


The new building has three main segments, or tiers, inspired by the tree house design: the tree-trunk, tree-top, and tree house. Each of these segments has its own story and its own unique content. From the outside one can distinguish these tiers by the different materials employed. The lower tier represents the tree-trunk. It is transparent and easy to access, housing the main entrance, hall and communications.


The middle tier embodies the tree-top, It is a place of education, science and discovery, complemented by the thematic park situated on the roof terrace. The park is an extsension of the inner functions of the free-top. The highest tier (box) is the tree house, devoted to play and games. The tree house is finished with a wooden vertical grid, a material symbolizing the intimacy and warmth the tree-house provides to its young inhabitants. All three segments of the museum are connected, both technically and visually, by the atrium that extends through the building. The dimensions of the atrium are varied to unite different natural greenery distributed in the interior space.


The second part of the design is a city park, created as an extension of the children's museum. The park is designed as an urban oasis that offers peace and serenity to its visitors; it is a spatial harmony of trees, water, grass, flowers and pedestrian routes. Our goal was to create a "place to hide" and "take a break" by making a new urban attraction in the City of Louisville.


A pedestrian bridge connects the park to the museum and to the new high-tech incubator and garage. The bridge passes through the park's greenery and tree-tops, creating a sensational panorama to accompany the overall concept behind the project: to develop natural, green and sustainable design principles and connect them to the urban architecture and environment.